it’s like deja-vu, except that it’s happening to moi.

the point being that i recognized that i have been here before. the last time we had a court date, i kind of over-blogged. i wrote about such fascinating topics as taking a shower, and putting on lotion 😉

in short, this is my therapy, and you guys will just have to hang in there with me a bit while i process… (well, technically you don’t really have to, but it would be nice 😉  )

today i went into the basement with my ipod and started to sort out the toy boxes. (to be fair, this has been on my to-do list longer than any one item has a right to be there…)suddenly, i heard nora jones on my ipod. ‘who puts nora jones on an ipod????’ i was thinking.  i was getting so fed up, until i realized that i put it on there. duh… and then as i came upstairs- beethoven. really? beethoven, now? yeah, right- it’s a peek into the many sides of julie, except that today they can’t seem to stop fighting with each other – sheesh 🙂

oh, on a different fascinating and scientific level, did you know that if you leave lego alone long enough, it will spontaneously generate parts of games you have been missing ( the dog and a hotel from monopoly, various tiles for rummikub, one or two pieces each from connect four and othello, some dice, and a few marbles). ok, i can’t resist at least hinting about the joke that i know you are thinking- that i have found my marbles! okay, have a good laugh; we all need it!

so, i apologize in advance for the mindless rambles that are to come over the next few days, but i will try to keep you updated on the veggies, so at least i can pretend to have a valid reason to post.

did i mention i get a little stressed out as trial dates approach? 🙂

good news is, that as i try to manage my stress by managing my environment, my house is going to get outstandingly organized and cleaned up!

ok, look forward to a post in a few hours about how many times we chewed our food, and what color apron i am wearing, and other such scintillating topics.

it’s gonna be a wild ride!