this is not meant, by any means, to be an exhaustive list (secret julie code for ‘don’t blame me if i continue to add stuff!’), but here are some of the things i’ve learned so far in this story:

– the value of a great pen, and even greater friends

– the same people who can be so quick to prosecute are often the ones who are so sllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooowww to resolve things

– true friends are there for you in spite of what the media says, not because of it

– you can cure the ‘i hate the sound of my own voice’ by having people play it over to you so many times that it doesn’t even register any more

– if you have to wonder if you will look fat on tv or in photos, you probably do. and so what???????????????????????

– it is often easier for strangers to show you kindness than for people nearby. and that is a cryin’ shame

– zucchini is apparently the most versatile vegetable in the universe

– your children will not get better at taking phone messages if they have more practice. that’s why god invented answering machines

– if you meet someone who is better at something than you are, it’s smarter to learn from them than to begrudge them

– this one is cheating, because i learned it after my last few kids were born, but it is still just as true as ever- if someone offers you help, take it!! there is no pride in failing alone…

– hot bubble baths can fix a lot of problems

– life generally gets easier after a good night’s sleep

speaking of which, i am going to put myself to bed for now. can’t go and be a hypocrite now with all of you out there watching, can i???  😉