it wasn’t as WOW!!!! as i thought it would be, but it definitely gives food for thought on whether or not the city has decided to target me for harassment…

some anonymous person went to a certain city office and spoke to an anonymous person who worked for the city in some capacity.

is that vague enough to not get anyone in trouble???

so the problem in this case is that said dog owner gets her dog’s rabies shots exactly when they are due. i would be surprised if she lets them lapse for even a day. seriously.

but the city of oak park has made up random times when it is okay to license your dog, and if you miss that window, you are charged a late fee.

so, her dog’s life does not line up correctly with city policy. this means that she will either get a timely license and go half of the year with an unvaccinated dog, or she will get timely vaccines and then be forced to pay a late fee every single year because her dog was born in the wrong month.

nothing like a little mindless bureaucratic mess to encourage respect and compliance…   (that’s my snide commentary, by the way, not the other person’s)

so, she was discussing this dilemma with the anonymous city employee, and she was basically told that it’s no biggie if the vaccinations are not exactly current. as long as her dogs are on her property, it’s not like the city goes looking on every dog to check every detail. it’s not like they would even notice if the license lapses for a bit to let her get on the right schedule…


that was me silently screaming…

so, let’s review:  i asked about the garden. i got on their radar screen and was subsequently warned to move said garden, since it was not what the city likes in a front yard. not because i was in violation of anything- they had to stretch and play word games and make up something that i supposedly violated so they could threaten me. so i didn’t move the garden and they became mysteriously aware that i had no current licenses for my dogs. who were on my property. and under our control. and up-to-date on their vaccinations. but they are not targeting me at all.

i wonder if i just got lucky or if this kind of treatment is COMMON in oak park.

and by ‘common’, i do NOT mean suitable…

so, let me know what you think. was the story worth waiting for?