reason #8,975,035 that i love my garden:

saturday night i was hanging out with a few kids of mine and a few from the neighborhood. it was starting to get kind of dusk-before-dark, and all of the sudden, we saw like a zillion fireflies. it’s not the first time this has happened- in fact we have noticed way more birds stopping by too- and they stay for a while. sometimes they cruise the freshly watered garden looking for a snack. but sometimes they come just to be there. they will hop around a little bit, but mostly they are just surveying the territory.

the fireflies we noticed a few weeks ago. i wanted to post, but i couldn’t  think of too much to say about them except that they look cool, and that does not an interesting blog post make.  but if we go out in the garden, just as it is getting dark, we can watch them arrive. first there are a few, blinking some coded firefly message that must say the college equivalent of  “free keg party over here!!”  because they all just show up. i don’t know where they come from, since i don’t see them at the neighbors’ houses, and i don’t see too many in the neighborhood in general. so, some renegade firefly must have stumbled across our garden by mistake one day (no doubt on his way to some city where people actually have accessible gardens…), and then he told all of his friends, “hey dudes- there’s an awesome garden in oak park- let’s go check it out!” ( i don’t know why, but i always imagine fireflies with a surfer kind of lingo, a la jeff spicolli… wish i could do a more dramatic interpretation, but my direct knowledge of actual surfer types is limited to some very bad 80s movies…)

anyway, saturday night we were in the garden, me and my posse of the 5-8 year old sect, and fireflies started showing up. and somebody’s little brother reached out toward one and said “friend! friend!”. everyone was quiet for a second, and then all of the bigger kids starting yelling, “hey friends! come here friends! look, i see a friend over here too!” and i think the fireflies were enjoying this game of hide and seek/laser tag because they just kept flashing around, and the kids kept running around the garden trying to see them up close, and it was such a norman rockwell kind of moment- i just wanted to freeze-frame it forever…

so, i guess that’s why i’m writing it here. sorry there were no actual bees in the story itself, but i’m all about the pithy titles… really, though, i wanted to give a slice of paradise to all of you who can’t have your own garden for one reason or another. and i wanted to re-capture some of the awe i felt, so that it doesn’t get obscured by trials and politicians and electric bills and toothaches and other mundanities ( i think i just made that word up, but i like it!) of daily life…

it’s so easy to forget these small blips in time, and if we don’t think about them they disappear.


just like that.