i am taking a break from retching into the toilet to write a super-quick update on the blog. (love those migraines… NOT!)

our attorney went into court this morning to file a motion. while he was there, someone told him the charge against the garden was dropped.

wow. nobody called us. nobody called our lawyer. this has got to be the strangest case of dropping charges i have ever heard of. so, they wouldn’t let him file his motion, and when they showed him the paperwork, it was signed by another judge, from another place, who we have never even heard of. weird weird weird.

sadly, just because the case was “dismissed”, it doesn’t mean the charges are finished. they could be brought again at any time- from what i understand- unless a judge or jury actually adjudicates it “not guilty” (because then the no double jeopardy would apply…). so, we are dropped but not dropped.

on a dumber note, the city has decided to reinstate the case about our dog licenses. when they came over and saw we didn’t move the garden after their warning, they added a “no license” charge for our 2 dogs. we went within the week to pay for licenses and even paid late fees, and when we came to court the prosecutor asked to see the documentation that it had been taken care of.

so, he wrote a few notes, it seemed like everything was taken care of, and when i was in front of the judge nothing was mentioned at all about the dogs.

in fact, nothing has been mentioned since then about the dog licenses, with the exception of a few blog readers who noticed the dog charges on the ticket and asked me about it. we have always been open and up front about the dog business.

we thought the city just wanted the dogs to be vaccinated against rabies. our vaccines for the dogs are now and have always been, current and up-to-date.

our bad. we didn’t protest. we didn’t complain. we paid and we were done.

or so we thought…

so, the city still wants us to appear in court on the 26th of july. this time it will be for the dog licenses, which we have already taken care of. the dog charges are each a misdemeanor. so now we are up to misdemeanor x2.

oh man… my migraine is off the charts. pain meds aren’t helping, and i’m off to bed to lay in the dark. i have an interview at 4:30 about gardening tips- hahahahha- the only laugh of the day will be me trying to teach other people how to garden… the blind leading the blind????? a criminal gardener leading the country in non-violent veggie revolution.

whoa. no wonder i have a migraine.

gotta go lay down. more later i hope. thank you more than you know for the continued support!!!!! you guys are what gives us the fortitude to continue on in spite of everything.

much love- julie