we have taken to a strategy of waving at any car or person who passes our house. sometimes people wave back. sometimes people kind of mutter “hi” (wish i could have written that in an itty bitty font to emphasize the itty bitty-ness of their “hi”- but there ya go- computers have limits too!), and sometimes people just look at us like we are kind of nuts.

because, believe it or not, not every car that drives down our block has people coming to check out the garden. most do, which is why we’ve developed the policy of ‘wave now; ask questions later’. but some people are actually just going about their daily normal lives and aren’t even concerned about our garden. well, go figure!

some people don’t know that we (ok, i) are accused criminals. i will warn friends sometimes that they might not want to be seen with me in public, since they might become a new target for the city’s malice.

“um, excuse me, ma’am. i see that you are driving a blue van.” “yes, officer, what seems to be the the problem?” “well, ma’am, you are not allowed to have broken taillights, so we’re gonna have to write you up for driving a blue van.” “but officier, my taillights are not broken. what does a blue van have to do with anything?” “well, ma’am, we are interpreting ‘broken taillights’ to mean ‘no blue vans allowed on the road this week'”.  “but…but…but… i don’t understand…”  “take it up with the judge, ma’am”

this is no slam on police officers. in fact, i have never NOT had a good experience with the police in oak park. they are always friendly and helpful, and patient with the kids in the neighborhood who all want to come over and see the police car. they have never been less than professional, so i don’t mean to implicate them in oak park’s web of confusion.

i just mean to point out that living in oak park lately can be a little like living in the twilight zone. (wish i could hum the theme song here for you; it would add so much color to the post…- just hum it in your own head right now, ok?)

codes are not what the actually say. city representatives give you wrong information, or no information at all.  offices have no idea how citizens can get a copy of ordinances so we can avoid doing the wrong thing.

day 4 of the migraine. pain killers are helping for a little while at a time. as long as i don’t throw them up.

hope it’s not gonna be one of those days…