i’m feeling obligated to post, even though nothing new is happening.

nothing new around here means, of course:

police cars cruising by…slowly… the funniest was when they came by as we were filming for channel 20. (don’t know what that is nationally- sorry!) oops!

odd quotes from odd people in city hall. did we really elect these folks, or are they perchance pod-people who have taken over the shells of the formerly living?

50 million (i’m all over it, feythful!) calls about interviews with every group from save-the-snails to gardening- for- advanced -super- trained- high- powered- know- everything-master- gardeners (cuz i clearly fit into that category now! hahaha) to hack- the- planet -and- inherit- the- earth, to hide- in -a- bunker- and- prepare- for- the- end- of- civilization- to warm- fuzzy- huggy shows that want to wish me “woman power” and end their emails with “namaste”.

oh gosh- i don’t mind emails that end with” namaste”- okay ?!?!?!?!?!?!

someone told me today that if i write too many question marks and too many exclamation marks that people will think i am dumb. or something to that effect. (if you are reading this, i know you were trying to help! but i’m trying to be funny, okay?!?!?!?!?!?!) between my erroneous punctuation and my lack of capital letters and my complete failure to spell check many posts for typing errors (at least that’s what i WANT you to believe!), i’m dyin’ over here! i never knew it would be so hard to have a blog! and these are people who like me!!!!!!!!!

can’t even imagine what the “other side” will do with this…

“yes, your honor- she actually puts like 10 exclamation points after some of her sentences!!!!!!!!!! how could we NOT convict her of a garden violation??????????”

“mrs. bass- is it true that you actually exaggerate (use hyperbole, aaron!) in some of your posts??????????”   “uh, yes your honor. but i only did it like 50 million times…”

“OL- how could you possibly sleep at night, knowing that your client may go free after her various gardening and punctuation offenses?”

“yes, she does have vegetables, but she also FAILS TO CAPITALIZE!!!!!! fellow citizens, your outrage should be directed against mrs. bass- a clear threat to all high school english students everywhere!!! stop the madness and throw her in jail right now! for the sake of all that is holy- incarcerate her for 93 days!!! ”

anyway, you get the picture.

alexis wiley was out again today (fox news). i haven’t seen the show yet (i have to wait until it streams on the computer, or uploads, or megabytes, or something computer-y), but i heard good things. alexis is cool. she could be a new bff. she could be total inner circle with an accused criminal… whoa- let’s not let that rumor get out…

i think their legal analyst did his interview in our garden. is that unfair bias? maybe the smell of the tomatoes intoxicated him onto our side 😉

we also went to the library, made a target trip (cuz seriously, who could go a week without a target run?), went to another library, got bread sticks from the local pizza shop for lunch (another healthy lunch brought to you by the mother who organic gardens for her family’s health- hahaha), made 4 different suppers, did 2 loads of laundry, 3 loads of dishes, still haven’t picked up stuff from an undisclosed store that i was supposed to go visit a week ago, returned less than 50 million phone calls, checked the comments on the blog- i still read every one, although i can’t comment on each one any more (i’m SO honestly sorry, by the way. i wish i could, but it just got to be too much with everything else that’s going on- like grocery shopping, putting kids to bed, having a life, etc.), and talked to my lawyer slightly more often than i spoke to my husband. hunh.

oh, and we are going to be talking to people at the colbert report. i have never seen the show, although i have seen pics of him, and he looks like our friend angus. i watched a few clips on his website, and he seems to only say one or two lines about any given topic, but we are going to call them back anyway. heck- you only live once, right? and i hear he has a super-pac with lots of money, so maybe he’ll pay for all of our neighbors to get raised garden beds too!

anyhow, that’s all for now. i’m off to get a neck rub from my saintly daughter. maybe after i’ve seen the quotes and misquotes of the day, i’ll be inspired to post again.

oh, and i have to go water the garden before everything dies. oops.


by the way, in case you are keeping score, it’s

migraine: many

julie: none

i feel like the city of oak park…