well, here it is folks…

today we went to the grocery store (bought too much ice cream again- so much for will power!). we went to a craft store to get projects for the kids (my daughter is making these amazing bracelets with safety pins and beads- i will try to remember to put up pics!). we ate baked ziti and salad and garlic bread for supper, played some yahtzee, and went to get slurpees. i did 2 loads of laundry (slow day), 4 loads of dishes (who knew kids could eat so much?!?), and several radio and print  interviews. i’m sure you guys will be on it when things come out- i can always trust you (collective you) to be way more media savvy than i am!

warning: the following part of the blog will be greatly sarcastic for dramatic effect. please do not quote it out of context, or take it as the literal truth!

paranoid much??

i returned about 87,000 phone calls, which was only a fraction of the messages i have (sorry if you are one of the people i didn’t get back to- you are on my list. i’m not rude, just not organized for media attention quite yet…).

i talked to 3500 people and explained and re-explained the garden, and the history of the garden, and the problems with the garden. not complaining, just saying…

i broke up 93 million fights between various children in my house, who are bored because i am on the computer too much (yikes!).

i pulled weeds in the garden, put up a little fence-y thing to contain my killer tomatoes (joke, city of oak park- it’s a JOKE!), debated with a neighbor about whether my alleged cucumbers are actually zucchini or not, found a few bean plants that i may or may not have planted, talked to ryan the guru and met his beautiful (really!) daughter, and had paranoid delusions about every car that slowed down as it passed my house.

the plants are loving the rain and the muggy weather (don’t you???), and are growing bigger every day. i will really try to get up pictures soon (my daughter has retired for the night, so i have no access to technology outside of this computer)- you won’t even recognize some of the plants- they have gotten so big!

please feel free to stop by and tell the plants, “i remember you when you were only an inch high! it seems like yesterday you were just a sprout!”

but please don’t criticize the red wood chips. i quite literally will cry.

i talked to a former student of mine who accused me of setting her on a criminal path. really she said i got her interested in government and law and justice, but it’s all the same thing, really, isn’t it? what’s a little inaccurate labelling between friends? really, though, it was great to hear from her; she is one of the students i continue to be proud i taught!

oh, and i have a migraine again today.

what else? i know my life as a garden renegade is endlessly fascinating, so i want to give you as much dirt (literal as well as figurative) as i can…

we’ve had a few really cool visitors who i met through this blog. luckily we’ve had zero uncool visitors who i met through this blog. please don’t try to change that; i LIKE it this way!

oh, we watched megamind last night- i knew i couldn’t leave that out- it was great! i’m assuming most of you have seen it, since i tend to become aware of movies about 12 years after they come out. i, of course, kept seeing parallels between the movie and our fight with the city. but i digress from my digression…

ok- really my migraine is getting bad. i’m typing stuff i can’t see clearly, so i know it’s time to stop.

maybe tomorrow i will have some really interesting or juicy stuff for you- one never knows… (i used to write’ on ne sais jamais’, in high school- it’s so much cooler in french!)

bon nuit!