to all of the well intentioned people who are out there: we know you are trying to show support for us. we know you are trying to stand up on our behalf. we really do appreciate the huge outpouring from like-minded people. but please:

please let’s not post personal information about city officials online- or anywhere else. this includes the blocks they live on, their salaries, their children’s names, or any other personal tidbits you are able to uncover. we are right in what we are doing, but it is wrong to make this a personal hate campaign.

please don’t harass these people at home. they, like us, have lives outside of this story. i know it’s incredibly frustrating when the city’s phone system is blocked and emails are bouncing back and switchboards are busy. but these people need to be able to sit down in peace and safety and take a deep breath- just like we all do. so, let’s make a person’s home off limits.

please don’t spend your hard-earned money to make a point. times are hard, and i would hate for anyone to spend money on political protest if it means they have to do without something else. we are thinking about starting a fund for legal expenses, but other ideas (which are hilarious, by the way!!!!) like sending dictionaries or fresh produce or other delivered items just takes money away from people who need it and gives it to people who don’t care so much (i.e. government bureaucrats).

please don’t use threats or intimidation on our behalf. we have heard about certain city officials being threatened, and we just can’t get on board with that. we want the city to back off and do the right thing, but just like i don’t want them bullying us, i don’t want our friends and allies bullying them.

please verify facts, wherever possible. now that this story has gotten bigger, there are more and more distortions out there. i will always say the truth. my best friend who does the facebook page will always say the truth. but if other people are posting, or are making assertions, please try to ascertain whether or not they are based on facts before you spread them or waste your time arguing over them.  if you do know the truth, however, and you see untruths being spread, please do jump on it and try to clarify.

i will try to write another post later, after i return some phone calls and check through the comments. as always, please be patient- i really do read every single comment, although lately i haven’t been so great about responding to every one. i got the phone messages and the emails, and again- it may take me a while to catch up with them. we do hear you, and we do appreciate each and every one of you who has taken the time to come to our defense.

and my kids thank you in advance for forgiving me some extra time to hang out with them in the garden 🙂