this is what we are learning, day by day, about oak park’s positions. they clearly have an agenda, and we think we’ve figured it out. we’ve distilled it down to the basics, in case anyone from the city government needs to understand it:

1. criminals -good. innocent people -bad.

2. ugly flowers and overgrown weeds- good. vegetable plants -bad.

3. pit bulls guarding drug houses -good. tame, friendly, vaccinated dogs- bad.

4. tacky lawn plant arrays -good. neat, tidy, food-producing plants- very bad.

5. city officials being hard to get in touch with, and often hard to track down-good. citizens at home minding their own business- bad.

6. projects that divide people and waste tax dollars-good. projects that bring people together and make citizens happy- bad.

7. people hiding behind locked doors-good. people joining their neighbors and having healthy reasons to be outside- bad.

8. giving a pass to people committing violent crimes-good. giving a pass to people working hard to be in compliance with all the laws- bad.

9. lying when interviewed by news organizations- good. telling the truth and asserting your rights- bad.

10. having vague and ambiguous rules that are selectively enforced- good. being transparent and just- bad.

any questions?