it seems like everywhere you look, places that used to have actual names are being taken over by corporations who sponsor them in order to get their names out.

in that vein, i thought i would make up some new corporate logos of my own- who knows, maybe if oak park changes their ordinances about signage on the lawn, i will hold a sponsor-the-renegade-garden contest.

i would love for you to add your ideas to my list- you guys are often far more hilarious than i am!!

1. oak park- we’ve got liquor stores, check cashing, pawn shops, and even white castle, but no blight-y gardens here! oak park- fighting tomatoes since 2011

2. monsanto- why settle for a small city court when you could be sued by the best? monsanto- harassing farmers the world over

3. army camouflage netting- when you want the very best to hide your gardens from city inspectors. the army- we really know how to spend tax dollars!

3-1/2 (just want to see if you’re paying attention) oak park: we’d rather have abandoned houses than cucumbers. and don’t you forget it!

4. squirrels- keeping your garden safe from ripe produce since time immemorial

5. ryan t.- most controversial woodworker of 2011. if he builds it, they will come…   🙂

6. hersch’s lawn spray- killing plants is what we do best. gardens can’t hide from us! coming soon to a lawn near you.

7. oak park beautification committee: we don’t like no stinkin’ gardens!

8. vegetables: hiding in plain sight for thousands of years

9. rain barrels- bringing you clean and free  water! only the best  gardens deserve actual rainwater. probably prohibited in a city near you…

10. oak park planning division: crushing spirits one project at a time…

11. our lawyer (name to be filled in later): when you can’t afford the very best, but you get him in spite of that. THANK YOU, ANONYMOUS LAWYER!!!!

this message was not approved by anybody. i reserve the right to deny its existence if pressed. the above statements do not reflect the views of this blog, nor should they be taken seriously, nor should they be construed as making fun of any person or organization or city government, either real or imagined. all disclaimers will be disclaimed.

and i really do like squirrels.