what is this monster we have created?

although i don’t remember ever voting for kevin rulkowski- and don’t even know if he is elected or appointed- it seems that at least some of our elected officials have turned into power crazed monster types…

this is a response from a blog reader who wrote to an oak park city council member:

bob, (this is a fake name- i don’t want oak park to waste its precious resources going after anyone else) 
 While you are entitled to your opinion, several of the neighbors on that block disagree with you.  Two mentioned that it looks like a New Orleans cemetery.  I enjoy gardening as much as the next person, but there is a place for everything.

 Thanks for your input.

 Michael Seligson 


please find below pictures of actual new orleans cemeteries that my husband and i found on google image. you be the judge:

so, honestly, i can see no similarities at all. if you can, i am open to hearing about them. but the false holier-than-thou language of an elected city offical is once again evidence, not of their correctness, but of their abject ignorance.


here’s another little tidbit worth considering: even if every single neighbor on every single block in every single section of our city HATED my garden (which we already know is not the case, but let’s pretend…) WHAT WE DID IS STILL NOT WRONG!!!!

here’s what we haven’t done, in spite of wanting to, because the city language clearly prohibits it. remember, please, that we have gone out of our way to be compliant with city rules.

didn’t get chickens. i really want fresh eggs, and i really would love to have a source for non-compostable food scraps, but we never got chickens because oak park doesn’t allow it.

my friends had baby milk goats. they generously offered me one. i would love for my family to have fresh milk, and i think my children would derive great benefit from raising an animal, but we had to turn them down, because oak park doesn’t allow it.

we thought about getting a windmill. even if we only generate a fraction of the energy we use, it would still be better for the planet and another educational experience for the kids in the neighborhood. but we never got one because oak park doesn’t allow it.

i didn’t get bees. yes, they would help with polination. yes, fresh honey is an amazing yummy treat. but we have lots of kids around who would be afraid, so we didn’t do it. and i’m assuming oak park doesn’t allow it.

i desperately wanted rain barrels to collect water for our garden. ryan, our carpenter extraordinaire even offered us a discount on them because of the work he did on the garden beds. we didn’t do it because oak park doesn’t allow it.

my husband met with one of the foremost authorities on bats in the country. i thought a bat house would be an excellent way to cut down on mosquitos, which irritate me to bits. once again, we didn’t because oak park doesn’t allow it.

we have been interested, at various times, in possibly fostering shelter dogs. we don’t because oak park has a limit on the number of dogs you are allowed to have, so we don’t help desperately needy animals because oak park doesn’t allow it.

whether i agree with the city codes or not, i follow them. all along i have followed them. i get information so i can see what is allowed and what isn’t. i know that if i was passionate about doing something, that i would have to go to the city government and be in front of several committees. i would have to work within the system to create changes.

so even if i have 999,999,999 neighbors who hate my garden- which i don’t, by the way!!!- it’s too bad. what i’m doing is not wrong or prohibited or infringing on them in any way. if they hate it, they can get the ordinance changed to prohibit “new orleans cemeteries” in oak park.

but until then, i am right.

that’s it.