i thought it would be appropriate, at this juncture, to thank the city of oak park.

without the city of oak park’s inadvertant push, i never would have started this blog. another garden blog would have been ho-hum. (not because garden blogs are boring, but because i am so new at this i don’t have too much to say). i realized last night that, because of this protracted fight, so many good things have happened:

i have gotten to “meet” so many nice people, in real life and on the computer. i have had such a wonderful outpouring of support and have had so much encouragement on this blog- and it has added so much to my and my family’s life.

i have been given so many cool links to blogs and lists and organizations i never would have found on my own. i am able to read so many hints and tips and inspiring stories of other people’s roads to self-sufficiency. for a knowledge junky like me, this is a slice of heaven.

my kids have taken a huge interest in the garden. before this, my family was of the opinion that the garden was just “mommy’s project”. kind of nerdy, but whatever… thanks to the spotlight shining on the plants, though, my entire family has taken a more active interest. it’s partly the cool factor, and partly that we are discussing it so much, so they want to be up-to-date so they can participate. either way, this has turned into an awesome family project.

my family is learning not only gardening, but civics, politics, history, botany, chemistry, law, nutrition, and a bunch of other things. the best part? they’re learning without even trying. these are life lessons, and these are the ones that matter.

we are becoming more aware of how food impacts people. i have been reading books like the raw milk revolution;  food not lawns;  animal, vegetable, miracle; the revolution will not be microwaved, and a pile of others (thank you, berkley library). we are discussing things that never would have occurred to us before, so this is a whole new vista to explore.

our garden has become a gathering place, both in real life and in cyber-space. all i have to say about that is ‘wow’.

i’m sure there are other things as well, but these are the ones that come immediately to mind. i hope you are enjoying this adventure as much as we are- thanks for sharing the ride!