i realized after the last post (thank you to everyone who said such nice things) that i think the reason i feel like this is all so ridiculous is because it should be nothing at all. it should be no biggie. it shouldn’t raise even part of an eyebrow. the garden is just a garden; it’s the city’s unreasonable reaction that makes it notable. duh. ok- i’m done with that.

my husband and i just went to meijer. we got lots of good stuff (shopping when you’re in a snack-y mood is never a good idea!), but what made this trip notable is some of the choices i made.

usually i look at the organic stuff like, “wow- it would be nice to buy, but it’s sooooooooo expensive…” (say it to yourself in a really whiny voice if you want to truly capture the spirit of my angst). so, i go ahead and get whatever is on sale, and assume that only people with small families or those who live in pretentiously opulent suburbs can afford the organics.

now that i am watching food grow- and learning SO MUCH from people who comment on this blog and send me links to great enlightening things!- i see my attitudes shifting. yes, we bought the double stuff oreos. ok, and the cool mint oreos. and when i bought an over-abundance of ice cream and my husband asked me why, i told him the truth: it’s for lunch tomorrow 😉

but i bought the organic tomatoes. and then i bought another package of a different variety. then i checked to see what fruits were organic. this is food for my family, and i want it to be high-quality fuel. this is an investment in the health of my children. no joke, i am getting it.

it’s not about a fad or a yuppy status symbol; it’s about nurturing my family and not feeding them garbage.

yes, the above statement was a bit preachy and overboard. after all, i just confessed to hoarding oreos and serving ice cream for a meal. but seriously, if buying organic adds $5 to my grocery bill, that’s a $5 investment in my family.

i’m not weighing in here about what exactly is organic ( i know the definitions are a bit controversial right now). not debating about which chemicals are safe or not. can’t discuss any pressing issues about the health of different foods, because, quite frankly, i just don’t know enough yet. but i’m thinking about it- and i think that’s a big step…

but i do know that growing FOOD is awesome. it’s not decorative or lucrative or any other word ending in -ive. it’s just sensible and it makes me happy and i really do feel like it’s helping me to do right by my family.

and maybe it will help balance out those oreos…