i was just in the garden on the swing, doing some reading and enjoying the breeze and hanging out with my youngest daughter. a white car that was driving down the street slowed to a crawl… that is not uncommon these days, so it didn’t really raise a red flag.

but then the woman stopped in the middle of the street. she looked back and forth across our property. she noticed me on the swing. and she started shaking her head vigorously back and forth in an exaggerated ‘NO!’ gesture.

so i nodded up and down, “YES!”

so she got even more expansive in her head shake: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

so i shrugged my shoulders. keep in mind, she is still dead in the middle of the road.

i wasn’t sure at this point exactly what we were discussing, but okay…

so she rolls down her window and shouts, “it belongs in the back yard!!”

so i shouted, “O.K.!”

apparently she felt the need to clarify, so she shouts even louder, “IN THE BACK YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

ok, psycho- whatever.

am i bothering you, sitting here in my own yard, reading my own book, next to my own child? so sorry that you felt the need to DRIVE OVER HERE and then STOP and then YELL AT A PERFECT STRANGER.

wow. nothing like igniting the passions of the great unwashed masses.