this story really honestly happened. i love it.

my mother was in the grocery store, and she and another woman were talking about the high price of produce. the woman told my mom, “well, i saw a story on the news about this woman in oak park who is growing her own vegetables!” and my mother said, “oh- that’s my daughter!”

the woman went on to say how afraid she is now, living in oak park, because she has some (warning, illicit material to follow- don’t let small children read this!): CORN  growing in her front yard!

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- please don’t tell the zoning people!

apparently there are some people who, on the down-lo, are growing covert vegetables in oak park. who knew????


on another note- we are meeting some of the nicest people because of this garden!  the other day a neighbor stopped by who we never met. when the news crew was going up and down our block looking for people to interview about our controversial garden, this neighbor was actually surprised because she had never even noticed it!  so, she came down to take a look, and we got to talking, and she was really sweet, and now we have another neighbor we can be friends with.

just about 20 minutes ago someone knocked on our door and  said she saw us on the news and just wanted to come by and offer her support- she turned out to be a master gardener type, and she was able to give us some much-needed and timely advice about some of the plants i was concerned with. she had a friend with her, and they were both so kind and supportive- it was amazing that we have had such a positive outpouring like this!!!! we got their contact information, so hopefully we will be able to stay in touch: voila! more new friends!

and while we were standing outside talking to these women, a man drove up who also saw the story with his wife- he commented to her that he drives by our house all the time on the way to work, and he wanted to wish us well and tell us that they both thought what we are doing is great- and they wanted to know if they could get some tomatoes when they come ripe 🙂 hahahaha- i hope i have enough tomatoes for everyone who asks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i might just have to enlist the help of my brand new gardening friend 🙂  )

so, that’s about it for our day. now it’s off the computer and into the kitchen- but keep commenting, keep passing on links to this blog, keep spreading the word, and hopefully we can all share in happy news soon!!!

thanks!! -julie