i just came back from an appointment- nothing unusual about that.

in the lobby, they had metro parent magazine. nothing unusual about that either.

but today, out of curiosity, i picked it up.

july 2011 issue- guess what’s on the cover? a picture of an adorable toddler sitting in a garden with the hot pink caption “HOME GROWN families find a fresh focus in farmer’s markets and their own gardens”

the article talks about food safety issues and more people looking for fresh organic produce and highlights several families who garden and have even started CSAs (community supported agriculture- a person pays for a share in another person’s garden, and then they get fresh produce from the garden when it’s picked)- IN THEIR OWN YARDS.

it talks about getting kids more involved with learning where their food comes from, and whole families getting involved in gardening. it’s a good article in a free magazine, so go ahead and pick up a copy if you see one!

oak park- when will you be in the year 2011??????????????????

anyway, it mentions several people i plan to contact, and i hope to get lots of good information and support for the cause.

as always, i will keep you posted…