good morning! it’s so funny that yesterday i could barely shut up on this blog, and today there is nothing compelling to say.

yesterday we came home to a flurry of activity with the kids (ate pizza last night, as promised! hurray for pizza!!!), cleaned up a little, and made several contacts with potential lawyers- all of whom, without exception, said that this is one of the most ridiculous cases they have ever heard…

it’s literally almost embarrassing to talk to a lawyer- yes, it is over a vegetable garden. yes, they really seem willing to take this to trial. yes, it is a criminal misdemeanor. they are incredulous about what i tell them, because it is just so weird!

my husband said to the prosecutor yesterday (privately in the hall after the pre-trial), “are you really going to use tax dollars to fight this case? this is a priority? really?” and the prosecutor shook his head -yep. like this is one of the dumbest cases he’s ever heard of too.

i swear i am confused. what’s with all the legal outrage? why do they want to make an example of me? and what are they trying to make an example of? malicious prosecutions? (the prosecutor and the judge both seemed cool, by the way, so i really don’t think they are just being mean…) wasting precious tax dollars when we just had to have a millage to try to get some funds for the city? they are already on a 4-day workweek to save money. no fireworks this year to save money. no budget for the city to plant flowers and stuff like they usually do to pretty up the city. (maybe they are jealous of my garden? hahahaha- i should donate some tomato plants to the to put outside the courthouse…). honestly, the city is so strapped for cash, and this is what they are doing with  their limited funds?

today i thought i might wake up with some new insights or some great ideas about how to go about things. but my brain is trapped in an endless feedback loop of “why is this happening?”

i’m reading an amazing book about raw milk (because aside from my pizza and coffee cooladas and yummy donuts, i am a total health nut. NOT). it is inspiring, on the one hand, because small farmers (isn’t it cute that i lump myself in with real farmers? sorry, real farmers, but i’m encroaching on your title 🙂  ) actually had support to fight the government for the right to distribute their products. on the other hand, it is really scary, because it tells several stories of people who the government went after based on flimsy evidence and the government just kept harassing them and throwing petty proceedings against them until they had to quit or move away.


i was always raised to believe that right triumphs over might- lately, i am not so sure.

one thing i do know, though, is this- i am a person of principle and i will not stand idly by and be party to the city abusing its power and discretion in such a flagrant way. this may sound self-righteous, but if they can do it to my garden today, they can do it to someone else’s life tomorrow.  and even if i pulled up every single plant, this issue would be the same.

so, we’re in it to win it- wish us luck!!!!