nope- too early for court news, but i decided to nominate some things for the official endorsements of this blog and its readers. feel free to nominate some of your own!

official drink: (we already know, but never hurts to reiterate)- dunkin donuts coffee coolada

official source for flowers– ray’s farm. they have a great place on northwestern at 14 mile- just next to the trader joe’s there. they have a great selection, great prices, friendly staff, and the most big beautiful yellowmarigolds i have ever seen. if you are in the area, it’s worth the extra drive to get there!

official mascot: KJ, of course! i know he’s loving the way the garden looks, cuz he drives by to see it several times a day. way to go, KJ! now, can we count on your favorable testimony in court?

official source for veggies (and all gardening knowledge)- you know it’s ryan!!!! not only is he super nice, but he knows all things garden, and if he’s not sure of something, he will point you to a source that knows. also, he has a woodworking business which i would strongly urge you to patronize. (contact info available if he gives his permission…)

offical blog of the best front yard garden in oak park– hahahaha- yes, it’s a shameless plug for myself! 🙂

official best friends, families, and supporters of a cause– you guys, of course!

feel free to send me some original thoughts here- i’m trying to keep it light and airy leading up to the trial of the century…