ok, this is not a hallmark-card type of post. yes, we all know the real best things are friendship and love and a new kitten and a great garden and all that type of stuff.

but i’m talking about those other best things- the ones that are less glamorous, but still make day-to-day life worth living.

at this particular moment, i’m talking about dunkin donuts’ coffee coolada. YUM. it costs around $2, and is so terrific and so good and so PERFECT for soothing my nerves on this fine day. ok, i did also get a dozen donuts, just for luck, but it’s not like i won’t share those…

so far today i’ve sorted 6 loads of laundry, washed some dishes, gotten my youngest dressed, puttered around the house, put away pretty much every single towel we own, checked this blog twice, thought about what to wear (i’m guessing my 10 year old and well worn NYPD t-shirt isn’t gonna cut it), and decided to treat myself to the best drink ever.

in fact, i’m going to make the coffee coolada the official drink of the oak park hates veggies blog! (appropriate patriotic music in the background)

(btw, they have a new donut today called the captain america- it’s got frosting on top AND sprinkles AND jelly inside- a wonderful surprise!- i highly recommend it as possibly the most perfect and balanced breakfast food!)

ya! take that, kool-aid…

anyway, i started this book last night called “the raw milk revolution“. it’s got some pretty great observations about “food politics” ( a goofy term, but one that seems to be accurate so far) . it has some really poignant information about the government and how they relate to small farmers, but most of it is frightening stories about how the gov. can pretty much harass people out of business. it’s probably not the best book to be reading on this particular day, so i think i’m gonna go scrub down my faucets or something…

hour and a half to go… i’ll keep you posted.

thanks for stopping by. want a donut? 😉