yes, i stole this title from oprah’s O! magazine. since i spend a fairly significant amount of time in doctors’ offices, i am very up-to-date with pop culture (at least from june 2010 🙂 ).

so, in order to give me something to do, here is a list of some of the many many many things i know for sure:

1- i love ellipses… can you tell? i use them often in my writing, and even more often in my speaking…

2- i enjoy the occasional parenthesis as well (useful for slipping in the odd tangential remark…);

3- i am trying very hard to keep my mind off of court (less than 24 hours away);

4- i am going to buy some flowers to replace some of the vegetables that died. wouldn’t it be ironic if it turns out that i have a flower garden after all?

5- i LOVE my i-pod. like, i LOVE it in an unhealthy way. i think it is one of the most socially passive aggressive things when someone walks around plugged in, but guess what i am spending an inordinate amount of time doing these days? hmmmmm- am i stressed, or just rude? maybe a bit of both…

6- i LOVE this blog. not to the extent that i LOVE my i-pod (i am at least loyal to my idiosyncracies), but i very much enjoy posting here- even if 10 million people supposedly read what i write, but only about 5 people post comments- so what? do you think i care (well, yes, but i know it’s petty!)? i love to write just for the sake of writing! yes, i am that self-actualized 🙂   (ok- maybe sort of?!?!?)

7- did i mention i really like extraneous punctuation????????????

8- i know for sure that it’s gross when people pick their noses in cars at stop signs or traffic lights. why do they think nobody sees them? I SEE YOU, SO CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!

9- i know for sure that i really do believe in the justice system, and in spite of whatever evidence there is to the contrary, i really can’t see any way that the judge tomorrow won’t agree with me.

10- i know for sure that i love the garden, and my kids love the garden, and lots of other people love the garden, and whoever called the city on me is petty and has too much time on their hands. (did i mention i’m feeling a bit passive-aggressive lately?)

11- those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. at least i am trying to know that. it’s a great saying from my teenage daughter that i would proudly use with abandon if i was talking to someone else. it’s something i know in my heart, and i am trying to know for real.

12- i know that we are ordering pizza tomorrow night; i need a bribe to get me through the day 😉

13- i know that i am going out to play in the garden, and plant the iridescent dragonfly on a stick that i just bought, and i know that if anyone has a problem with that, i will refer them directly to elisheva for a few choice words…

14- i know that i’m done for now, but i will definitely be back later to keep my dear readers apprised of the minute-by-minute life of an accused criminal 🙂