a few weeks ago i was out with my husband. we saw someone sweeping her driveway, and i said,  in a rather snarky way, “how bored would you have to be before you swept concrete?”

my theory on front yards was always pretty much ‘if it blows into the yard, it will blow back out eventually’. weeds were just a  part of life, and since i am anti-poisonous-chemicals where my kids play, and my husband is anti-spend-huge- amounts-of -time digging out weeds by hand, the front yard was always, shall we say- au naturale… my neighbors weren’t thrilled, but i have been known to utter obnoxious phrases like, “who would spend time and money to maintain a lawn?”  so we co-existed peacefully with our weeds and our neighbors, and-thanks to my friend’s son, who does landscaping- we even had the grass cut once in a while. personally, i would have preferred to just wait for a drought and let it all die, but there are zoning ordinances, after all 🙂

so, pity the fool who was outside friday afternoon not only sweeping the concrete, and not only pulling weeds from the garden beds and little baby grass, but who was digging out weeds from between the concrete slabs on the driveway and sidewalk.

i hate to ruin the suspense, but yes, that fool was me.

turnabout is fair play, after all, but i am so unabashedly involved with my front yard these days, it is borderline ridiculous. perhaps on the wrong side of that line…

it’s so ironic that we went from having a sloppy, unkept, ugly front yard (sorry, husband, but the truth is the truth…) to an organized, beautifully kept, un-ugly front yard, and now the city is falling on our heads. yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and clearly at least one of our neighbors is not beholding beauty when they look our way, but c’mon…

on another note, we now have several neighbors who are apparently secret closet master gardeners. i do not mean by this that they actually know anything about gardening, rather that they strongly believe that they do! so we are getting lots of unsolicited advice, and even a few unguided garden tours happening while we were happily minding our own business in the house. one neighbor came by to perform a military-stlye appraisal of our failings. he actually walked through the rows saying, “too close!” or “wrong!” or “this won’t work at all!” we would have cracked up if we had known he was there, but when we looked up to see someone literally about 8 inches from our front window, it didn’t seem like such a laugh…

another neighbor cautioned me not to pull weeds from the sprouting grass because grass needs weeds in order to grow (!)- or some such convoluted logic like that.

i thought briefly about listening to what they had to say, but then i thought better of it and took a long bath instead.  i may have just decided to bang my head against a wall, but after all, my kids were watching 🙂

in any case, the clock is ticking toward judgement day, so i will continue to keep you all posted.

i know you are hanging on my every word… ain’t suspense great?!?!?!?