i have had some people ask for an update on the court date.

drumroll, please……………………………………..

the update is: nothing is happening.

the date is set, the ducks are getting in a row, i have consulted with some people in the know (thank you especially to P.E. who was a tremendous help!), and i am preparing myself to go to court.

you know the saying, “feel the fear and do it anyway!”. well, that’s how i’m feeling about court. i will confess to getting butterflies in the bottom of my stomach when i think about it- even when i am just doing research. i wish i was the strong heroic type who braved the Foe (capitalized the word on purpose)- but i think it’s so true that the real courage is doing the right thing in spite of fear.

i did try to hunt down the name of the oak park prosecutor- and btw, i never would have thought it would be so difficult to get the name and contact information for a tax-paid official!- and i am considering calling him to get a heads-up about the process. one person told me the initial court summons is for an arraignment (!) and they will see if they want to bind it over for trial.

part of me is like, “are you kidding???” an actual full-on trial about vegetables???”

in my younger, more college-y days, i would have been all about provocative political protest- but a trial for a housewife who is raising vegetables?????

wish it wasn’t the case, but there ya go! perhaps after the trial (when they find me not guilty, of course!) i will post about my experiences in dealing with other parts of the city government. in a previous post, i kind of joked that i hoped it wouldn’t be kafke-esque…………but no joking at all,  it is really feeling like that at times.

in fact, if kafke hadn’t already written The Trial, i might just have considered it!

in the meanwhile, i will just have to content myself with this blog, and my loyal hoards of readers who eagerly await each new post 🙂

or something like that 😉

i’ll try to write more soon, and i will definitely post ASAP if anything happens on the court front. as of now, we are still counting down to june 28th at 1pm…

with love, from your favorite garden renegade