ask and ye shall receive, right?  😉

these are the players i actually know:

ryan– when we first decided we wanted to make raised beds in the front yard (to comply with the city’s allowance of “decorative plantings”), we found ryan, who does beautiful woodwork and knows a boatload about gardens. we weren’t anticipating any problems, so at first he just told us enough to get us started and invited us to call him if we had any questions- perhaps not the best invitation for him, in restrospect 😉 since then, he has been a total friend and has helped us and advised us every step of the way with our plants and our “disagreement” with the city. if you live around here, i would strongly urge you to cultivate a friendship with him- he’s great!

mark is my friend’s husband/my friend. in addition to being marvelously groovy, he just knows a TON of stuff- so he is a great resource person. oh, and he likes 80s music- an extra bonus 🙂

elisheva is mark’s wife. she is my bestie bestie BFF.  she is brilliant and can research and understand pretty much anything. she is hopefully going to have a baby any day now, so we might go through a dark spell without her comments on the blog, but i’m sure she’ll be here as soon as she can 🙂

E is my oldest daughter. she is out of town right now, but she is pulling for us from where she is. we love her and miss her, but are glad she’s having a nice time. as a bonus, she put an invitation (!) to my blog on her blog. love that kid…

EJ is an old and dear friend who i had to bribe to read this blog. he is the master of political protest, so it will be nice to have him aboard- finally 🙂

zoning dude is the person i originally spoke to at the city. he is KJ’s boss. he seemed really super nice on the phone, so i can’t figure out what i did to get on his bad side. or maybe there is a vast anti-garden conspiracy and he is being forced to force KJ to bother us… the world may never know…

KJ, the star of our show, is the local code enforcement guy. we had several great conversations, but i couldn’t do what he wanted, and he couldn’t do what i wanted, so we seem to be at a stalemate. after the initial shock of being ticketed by the city (gasp!), i decided that it wasn’t personal, so it wasn’t fair to target KJ. he’s a good guy in the wrong job at the wrong time. but he is still going to testify against me in court 😦

if i haven’t gotten to someone yet, please don’t take it personally. i have to be out of the house in 7 minutes for an appointment- but i’ll be back to redress any grievances!!