because i am only human, i can’t resist doing a bit of research on my beautiful city (oak park, michigan, in case you are new to this blog).

first of all, the pamphlet i printed out on the history of oak park has the fantastically interesting motto “the city with a future”.

(i am almost inspired to rename this blog “the garden with a future”…)

since my printer takes about 7 sheets of paper at a time, i can tell this research endeavor might take a while…

but i did find some really interesting information: in 1932, the village commission (their version of the city government) granted permission for an airport to be built in oak park. the residents fought it, and were able to get a court injunction to kill the plan. instead, according to the pamphlet, the defeated commission, along with the ford motor company, put the land to “a much better use…”


i couldn’t make that up.

people from oak park and surrounding communities farmed  700 acres, all  carefully guarded by paid watchmen to protect the gardens.

with barely any tax base, and obviously a high population of people who were unemployed, they still thought protecting the gardens was a worthwhile expenditure.

wow. look where we are now.

i’ll let that just speak for itself…


on another note, i would like to call your attention to an oak park award which i would like to be nominated for. (how’s THAT for a shameless plug??) here’s the info- please take special note of the name and contact info for the person who deals with this award, since my court date is june 28th, and the nominations for the actual award don’t start until july 1st. i wonder what would happen if i was pre-emptively nominated by a few dozen of my closest (both old and new) friends????????????


2011 Beautification Annual Criteria:

Neat, natural, manicured landscaping

Paint in good condition

Bushes and trees cared for

Concrete with minimal to no vegetative growth in crack

Concrete with no differential settlement

Garbage cans not visible

Gutters and roof in good condition from street

No artificial flowers

No for sale signs or commercial advertising signs in the yard

Outstanding home-extra nice appearance

All nominations must be turned into the Department of Public Works no later than July 25, 2011. Resident’s may nominate their own homes, as well as those of their neighbor’s or other businesses in the City of Oak Park. Bus tours will begin the first week in August and continue until all nominated homes have been voted on by the commission. All winners will be notified by mail. Any questions please contact Dept of Public Works at 248-691-7497. The beautification award ceremony will be held on Wednesday October 3, 2011. Please email Debbie Kyte for more information.