so i am unashamedly asking for music suggestions for gardening.

i’ll tell you what deosn’t work: 80s acapella. that pretty much makes me want to crawl into bed with a bag ofΒ  oreos…

(yes, i tried it…)

also out- any songs that call a woman “girl” in a sultry bass voice, or that call someone “baby” and sounds like they are about to receive the death penalty…

i thought about the black eyed peas, or the red hot chili peppers, or other garden-y sounding bands, but that’s not really what i’m after.

ideally, i’d like to know some songs that get you pumped to get your hands dirty and risk spider bites. my husband has a playlist for running, with songs that get his heart rate up at just the right times, and then songs for cool down.

so, i’m not looking to run a marathon, but i am interested to know what songs you like (if any) to listen to while gardening. please don’t say things like, “the sound of the small innocent woodland creatures is enough soundtrack for me!” i want stuff that will make me unself-conscious about playing in the dirt while my neighbors stare uncomfortably out of their windows. something that will make me inspired to pull weeds, and so involved in my groove that i don’t care about how many worms are crawling around near my hands. (yes, i know worms in a garden are awesome! i know they compost your stuff and make great dirt. but they are, um, slimey, and a bit gross…)

so, here is your forum- don’t make me look sad and lonely by not posting anything!!!