we have friends whose children call the father “big dad”. not sure how or why that started, but i think it’s ridiculously cute!

so, how does this relate to this fantastic blog? a few of our bigger plants are kind of wilty. they are just sagging around in the garden. guru ryan thinks maybe we are watering too much (ugh! that blasted watering problem again!). probably i will have to limit my children’s new favorite pastime: overwatering the garden.

what do i think? i think the plants are missing our big dad! BD has been away a lot this week. i know it makes me and the kids droopy, so i am thinking it has the same effect on the plants. i am hoping that when he is home, they will just perk right up! (this should not be construed in any way as proof that i have no idea about gardening. i’m just speculating…) wouldn’t that be so great?

seriously, though, if any of you out there have some nifty garden wisdom, now would be a great time to share it!

apropos of nothing, today i did what all good spouses do when their man is away- i went to dunkin donuts and got a coffee coolada. (this is the free plug part of the blog) i don’t know what exactly is in a coffee coolada, but i’m thinking it has crushed ice, coffee syrup, maybe some chocolate, a hint of crack, a smattering of heroin, and possibly some crystal meth. seriously, it is that good and addictive. i drank some and then went into a local grocery store, and the entire time i was shopping, i was seriously jonesing for that drink!! i was debating abandoning my basket and going out to the car to retrieve it. the only thing that helped to maintain my dignity is that my daughter was with me, and i was trying not to model crack-head behaviour… but now i am home, glancing lovingly at the cup on the table, and hoping that nobody asks for a sip. yeah, it is that good! (that was the ‘not much else section’ of the blog, in case you are the organized type…)

as far as the garden- cuz i know that’s why you read this blog!- it is pretty much holding its own. the sprouts are getting bigger by the day (blast and tarnation that i don’t know how to use the digital camera or put pics on the blog!) i’m getting a fair amount of pea plants (hurray! my thumb does NOT hold the kiss of death!), but also little itty bitty hints of carrot tops, a smattering of bean plants (that’s what kindergardeners grow, right? because they never fail? here’s hoping…), and some other things that might either be oak trees or cucumbers…

i am holding off on buying kitschy garden garbage until the “ISSUE” (euphemism alert!) with the city has been settled. i’m dreaming of garden ogres and gazing balls and waterfalls and grecian urns (ok, maybe not the water and the urns, but you get the idea)… for now i’m just enjoying sitting on the garden swing and surveying my 40 acres. (my 1/16 acre?)

in case you are counting down, my date with the city is june 28th. i’ll post more on that soon.

ok, reading public- shoot me some garden advice!!!!!