my high school english teacher always cautioned us against using the word “nice”. she said it was nonspecific and produced weak writing.

but a few things happened to me today that were just plain nice- so, with apologies to dory asheton (the best english teacher ever!), here is a brief round-up:

ryan the gardening genius came over bearing gifts!  yep- no reason, no special occassion- just stopped by and hung out, and gave me good advice, and brought me beautiful plants (more vegetables, of course 😉 ), some great natural fertilizer stuff (it must be great because it smells like a farm!), some seeds, which i think i will save until i can figure out where to plant them, and some flowers to discourage squirrels from nibbling our stock!

i planted pretty much everything, and of course, several neighbors came out right away to tell me they liked the flowers… poor veggies- i feel like they are the chess team kids in high school, and for some reason the flowers are the pretty popular crowd!  all i know is they’d better never copy their math homework off the vegetable plants…oh well, at least the neighbors have nice things to say, and those in the know are definitely grooving on the veg.!

nice thing #2- i got to spend a lot of really nice quiet time in the garden today. i am not much the meditative type, but i really felt like the world slowed down for a little bit, and now i actually GET why people do gardening as a hobby! then my daughter joined me, and we made rainbows with the watering hose, and it was just such a nice time. really that’s the best way to describe it- just so……..nice!

nice#3- i got comments on the blog!!! yay!! hurray!!!! i know i got a few comments at first- mostly from well meaning friends, and i got a LOT of positive email, but today i checked and i got comments! like, from people i don’t even know! you have no idea (or maybe you do) how NICE it is that people are reading this blog, and starting a dialogue, and enjoying what they’re reading, and just generally caring about one lone person in one lone suburb in great big america. it’s so cool that people believe in this, and that we might actually be able to help other people have an easier time because of this blog. well, you have to admit- that’s pretty nice!

but the grandest nice thing of all……….. KJ stopped by today. no tickets. no summons. no compliants or questions. he was just driving by and i waved, and he backed up his truck and came over to say hi. he wished me well, and said he hopes things turn out good for both sides. i don’t exactly know how that would play out, but it was just such a nice thing to say- completely unsolicited, and truly from the heart.  you know when someone wants good things for you and you can really feel that they are sincere? well, that’s how it was today.

so, KJ- i’m sorry you have a job that puts you in a position not to be the nice person you are. i’m sorry i jabbed at you a little on this blog. i’m sorry your boss makes you harass me, or that some neighbor keeps complaining about me, or that the city thinks i am some trouble-maker that you have to put in her place. i’m sorry the people who write the ordinances aren’t the ones who have to enforce them, and that you get stuck doing other people’s dirty work. i’m even sorry for your boss, because i am fairly sure he never intended for any of this to happen. essentially you are a good person, and i wish the best for you too.

it’s a shame we can’t just plant a bunch of nice and spread it around a bit…

ok, i think i’m starting to sound like a kid’s cartoon, so i’ll be nice and stop here…