i guess that’s not strictly true, since i do have teenagers 🙂

in the bigger sense, though, my husband and i had a long discussion last night about whether to hope that the city will just change its mind and leave us alone, or whether it would be better and more socially responsible to hope that we have our day in court and (again, hopefully) set a precedent to make it easier for everyone else.

it’s so easy to want to back down and have a quiet life and just walk the beaten path. but the more i say stuff like that, the more i think it is ridiculous that our little un-flashy garden has created such an uproar.

the city has ticketed us for another infraction- this one actually our fault (a misunderstanding, but UNLIKE WITH THE GARDEN, we are in the wrong…). i went to the city clerk to sort it out on friday, only to find out that city offices are now closed on fridays. i will try to deal with it tomorrow, but i feel like i need to ask them for a copy of every single ordinance and by-law and zoning restriction and code that exists.  my husband and i are literally brainstorming to figure out what they will throw at us next.  like if we park 2 centimeters to the left on our driveway, is that okay? if it is windy and trash blows onto our lawn, is that a problem? do our trash cans all have lids? do our kids all have reflectors on their bikes? is it ok to leave a bag of rock salt on our front porch, or will they ticket us for that too?

we have played several rounds of ‘which neighbor do you think is ratting on us?’ but that’s just fruitless and frustrating. our paranoia was getting the better of us, so we decided  instead to focus our energy on taking care of our family and our garden and just dealing with things as they come up…

when this first started, we joked that the city could harass us to death. i checked to see if there was a city attorney, but apparently they have someone on retainer and apparently he likes to do paperwork. i felt like we could probably handle one small hearing where we are clearly in the right- according to the city’s codes and the citations we have received- but i’m not sure i have the legal finesse to handle appeals or multiple issues or other nonsense that the city might do.

ok- so it’s all about staying in the moment.

it’s all a lesson in patience.

it’s all about believing that good triumphs over not-good, and that you can fight city hall…

it’s good knowing that i have people on my side.

and now i’m off to take the kids on an outing.

i’m almost hoping KJ shows up  tomorrow so this blog can be funny again.

i’ll keep you posted.