to catch you up:

the garden beds are made, the compost is delivered, the seeds are in, the paths are mulched, the swing is built, the sprinkler is on, and we get a drive-by from code enforcer extraordinairre- KJ.

KJ has helpfully photocopied and highlighted the zoning ordinance that we have supposedly transgressed. it says (sec. 1716. part A, subsection 5- in case you are keeping score):

“all unpaved portions of the site shall be planted with grass ground cover, shrubbery, or other suitable live plant material.” (emphasis mine)

well alllllllllrighty then. we have indeed planted unpaved portions of our site. it is suitable. it is live. it is most definitely plant material. so i think this points in our favor.

we see a green light. KJ sees an abberation. he sees veggies where there should only be flowers. he sees destruction and anarchy where we see fresh tomatoes. he sees civil disobedience where we see a beautification project.

and i am left to wonder: why does oak park hate veggies?