so, today started much like any other day.

except that we got yet another summons from the city.

don’t worry- they haven’t found anything new to harass us about- they just wanted to certified mail us another copy of our original summons.

which leads me to believe that the city is getting serious on its war against vegetables.

i’m happy that the code enforcer has no abandoned houses (there are several within just a few block radius of us…), no stray dogs, no people parked illegally in handicapped spots (i hate when people do that!), no loud parties, no dodgy people loitering in the city park (yeah, cuz that never happens in pristine oak park!), no drug houses with excessive traffic (um- down the block from us…), and no other violations, either major or minor, to take up his precious time.

when he spoke to me the other day he said he was really busy with other complaints. guess ours made it to the top of the list.

it’s so comforting to know that our fair city is in such good hands.